The Material Revolution
Kira Freije, Agnes Denes, FM Einheit
29 April – 16 July 2023
Opening: Saturday 29 April, 14:00–18:00 (more info)
Swing in - Swinging out
FM Einheit, Siegfried Zielinski, Rica Blunck, Saskia von Klitzing and Volker Kamp
Saturday 29 April, 16:00
Einheit will perform live alongside collaborators Siegfried Zielinski, Rica Blunck, Saskia von Klitzing and Volker Kamp in the Turbine Hall. Please book tickets here.
Kira Freije, The Forgiver, 2022. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Material Revolution is a devotion to the political agency and silent power of materials to ignite systemic change. The programme will pay tribute to artists who refuse ingrained materialistic laws in order to reclaim meaning - from the subversive potential of metal in feminist discourse, to the physical and radical reclamation of urbanised territories with abolished agriculture, to the building of instruments from industrial waste to produce new sonic territories. The exhibition programme will take place in conjunction with the sustainable institution, a new action-orientated residency and symposium programme and toolkit.

Agnes Denes

FM Einheit and Vinzenz Schwab

Kira Freije


Agnes Denes, Wheatfield—A Confrontation: Battery Park Landfill, Downtown Manhattan—With Agnes Denes Standing in the Field, 1982. Photo: John McGrail. Courtesy of Agnes Denes and Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects.
FM Einheit. Image courtesy of the artist.