E-WERK Luckenwalde. Photo courtesy of Ben Westoby

Kunststrom is Art Power

In 2012, artist Pablo Wendel founded Performance Electrics gGmbH, to produce and supply Kunststrom (Art Power); an original type of renewable electricity generated through contemporary art.

In September 2019 Performance Electrics undertook its most ambitious project to date and re-animated a former coal power station into a Kunststrom Kraftwerk. The power station, which dates back to 1913, now produces and supplies renewable Kunststrom electricity to the building and national grid.

As a non profit electricity supplier, Performance Electrics gGmbH uniquely produces and supplies Kunststrom to clients throughout Germany, in order to fund its contemporary art programme and the advancement of Kunststrom technology.

Please use the calculator below to switch to Kunststrom and join the growing network of Performance Electrics clients who support contemporary art through their utility bill.

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