The Artist as Consultant

Conversation Series


A global pandemic, wide-spread racial injustices at boiling point and unfair cultural systems that need urgently addressing - how can the arts contribute to rebuilding this world, pulling us out of the times we are living through and give hope for a better world where all is not lost?

E-WERK Luckenwalde presents The Artist as Consultant: a digital conversation platform which aims to contribute to restructuring a top-down art world system that places artists below curators, directors and other ‘stakeholders’. This programme invites artists to personally consult and hold cultural practitioners accountable for deep-rooted hierarchies in our industry.

Each episode invites a contemporary artist to consult on themes which are pertinent to 2020, but are also key tenets of E-WERK’s mission and vision, such as autonomy, sustainability and ethical responsibility in arts making, the climate emergency and a fairer, more democratic art market.

Series 2 - 2021

[NEW] The Archive Show: Jenna Sutela x Astrida Neimanis

Series 1 - 2020

Episode 1: Harold Offeh and Michelle Williams Gamaker on The Future of Art Education

Episode 2: Bik Van der Pol and Yates Norton on Continuous Reconfigurations

Episode 3: Isabel Lewis and Lucia Pietroiusti on Sensory Studies for Social Innovation

Episode 4: Paul Maheke and Benoît Loiseau on Coexistence in the Age of Collapsing Ecosystems

Episode 5: Peles Empire and Anna Gritz on Parenthood and the Arts

NEW Episode 6: Kira Freije and Stella Bottai on Terms and Conditions