The Material Revolution
Agnes Denes, FM Einheit and Vinzenz Schwab, Kira Freije
Phase 0: Stadtbad Tour
29 April – 16 July 2023
Opening: Saturday 29 April, 14:00 - 18:00. More info

Join us for the opening of The Material Revolution and Phase 0: Stadtbad Tour on Saturday 29 April, featuring a performance and installation by FM Einheit (tickets here) and collaborators, and exhibitions by Kira Freije and Agnes Denes.

The Material Revolution is a devotion to the political agency and silent power of materials to ignite systemic change and presents a year of programming dedicated to activating new material approaches and territories in order to stimulate urgent change to the cultural sector and inspire action led thinking. The programme will pay tribute to artists who refuse ingrained materialistic laws in order to reclaim meaning - from the subversive potential of metal in feminist discourse, to the physical and radical reclamation of urbanised territories with abolished agriculture, to the building of instruments from industrial waste to produce new sonic territories.


14:00 - Doors Open - The Material Revolution exhibitions

15:30 - PHASE 0: Stadtbad Tour
Designed in 1928 by the famous Bauhaus architect Hans Hertlein, the historic Stadtbad was once a social, productive and cultural hub of Luckenwalde and has been empty for over 30 years. In the coming years, an interdisciplinary campus at the intersection of education, culture and energy will be created around E-WERK and the Stadtbad. For PHASE 0, the Kunststrom Laboratory is collecting memories, stories, opinions and suggestions about the Stadtbad and planned campus development, which will be presented on 29 April through a tour co-designed with Luckenwalde residents. Developed in cooperation with the dramaturge Paul Marwitz and Rurbane Realitäten, an interdisciplinary office for innovative participation.

16:30 - FM Einheit and collaborators Performance - FLUXDOME - BOOK TICKETS
The sound and material researcher FM Einheit was a founding member of the legendary experimental music group Einstürzenden Neubauten. FM Einheit’s self-made instruments are created out of industrial waste which, through skilled, affectionate and respectful handling, become portals to new musical worlds and sounds. For the opening of the exhibition The Material Revolution at E-WERK Luckenwalde, FM Einheit will perform live alongside collaborators Siegfried Zielinski, Rica Blunck, Saskia von Klitzing and Volker Kamp.

18:00 - DEKALOG Performance (E-WERK Recommends) - Jakobikirche Luckenwalde
During the performance of DEKALOG – Elf Tänze über das Miteinander, the audience and three musicians interact live with the church organ. The audience can use sensors to control the sound of the organ and make the church resound, whilst three live musicians take up the organ sound and develop a unique, expansive sound experience with a special mixture of guitar, percussion, organ and electronics.