E-WERK and FLUXDOME. Image courtesy of Silke Reents

Live Event | 30.04.2022

On Saturday 30 April 2022 (13:47 - 01:01) E-WERK will present a special day of performances and actions starting on the train from Südkreuz, Berlin and across the site of E-WERK Luckenwalde to coincide with Berlin Gallery Weekend 2022.

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13:47 - 14:20 RE3 Train
H_SPACE_H by Sissel Tolaas & Isabel Lewis
Approaching the train ride from Berlin to Luckenwalde as a site itself for meaning-making and storytelling, Isabel Lewis, Sissel Tolaas and Ethan Braun score the 30 minute journey, addressing multiple senses in H_SPACE_H. This work is a partitur in which smells, movements and sounds are guiding elements that amplify the experience of the bodily passage. H_SPACE_H unfolds in multiple stages on 30 April (smell), on 11 June (smell and movement) and comes together as a new ambulatory live art work, to premiere on 30 July 2022. On 30 April, catch the 13:47 RE3 train from Südkreuz (direction Falkenberg) to experience the inaugural train intervention composed of smell. Then, join the walking procession to E-WERK Luckenwalde.

From 15:00
All exhibitions by Himali Singh Soin, Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen and Karrabing Film Collective open to view across the exhibition spaces of E-WERK.

Grundbrot by Cooking Sections
Turner Prize nominees Cooking Sections have developed a bread to reimagine human and more-than-human relationships to soil, created in collaboration with Luckenwalde organic flour mill Mühle Steinmeyer and regenerative farm Gut&Bösel in Brandenburg, and which will be available to purchase at E-WERK. Grundbrot is a recipe to address soil exhaustion after decades of intensive fertilizers and agrochemicals that moves us to enhance biodiversity in ground biota around Brandenburg and at E-WERK. Grundbrot will be available to visitors every Saturday during the exhibition and thereafter at TRAFO, E-WERK's low-carbon kitchen. Grundbrot forms part of Cooking Sections' ambitious multi-site CLIMAVORE, and is the first step for E-WERK Luckenwalde in Becoming CLIMAVORE, one of the first cultural institutions to do so in Germany.

Static Range by Himali Singh Soin with a therapeutic performance
The mountain responds to the letter from the nuclear powered spy device stashed in its crevices in the second of a series of epistolary performances by Himali Singh Soin. Accompanied by drummer David Soin Tappeser, and with interventions by electronic artist L. Zylberberg, as well as by a Reiki healer. Performed within Static Range's Phytoremedic Garden.

Womb Wisdom by Tabita Rezaire, sunset screening
For POWER NIGHTS Tabita Rezaire has created an immersive video experience that unearths the wisdom of birth, in E-WERK’s outdoor performance space, FLUXDOME designed by umschichten.

21:30 - 00:00 DJ Set by Khidja

22:38 and 1:01 RE3 Train
H_SPACE_H by Sissel Tolaas & Isabel Lewis
Catch the RE3 train back to Südkreuz (direction Eberswalder) to experience the inaugural train intervention by Sissel Tolaas & Isabel Lewis in collaboration with Solistensemble Kaleidoskop and Ethan Braun.