withis, 2021
6pm, Tuesday 3 August 2021
Exploring digital protocols in a tactile world: withis (2021) is a mixed-media work developed collaboratively on the occasion of The Archive Show, which activates sound and incorporates visuals by VJ artist Liina Nilsson.
We are very pleased to invite you to watch the video documentation of withis, 2021 a sound and video performance by L.Zylberberg in collaboration with VJ Liina Nilsson from 6pm on Tuesday 3 August at www.kunststrom.com. As the penultimate event of The Archive Show the work was presented on site at E-WERK on 26 June. An intimate audience physically experienced the piece, while viewers online digitally accessed a different live streamed experience: a video collage produced by VJ Liina Nilsson in response to L.Zylberberg’s original audio composition which will also be available to watch online here. Please note that the availability is limited for two weeks.

About L. Zylberberg

Singular, tantric and focused on the overlaps between sounds, L. Zylberberg layers countless melodic elements to create emotional soundscapes that are propulsive yet weightless. Deconstructing electro drums into shards of sound that can appear or disappear at a moment, Zylberberg’s performance is both cathartic and challenging, forcing a synergy between textures for the mind and deep, primal rhythms.


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