Lena von Goedeke. Image courtesy of Terhi Nieminen
Lena Von Goedeke, Negative Emission Technology / Wittern

Lena Von Goedeke will research a new method of working with the mineral olivine. The green rock is one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth's mantle and has the special property of sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere. During the chemical weathering process (dissolution with water), crystals are formed from the CO2, which can thus be stored in the soil and used by organisms. During the residency von Goedeke will work to develop a technique to transform the material into outdoor sculptures that can be weathered by rainwater and thus play a part in reducing greenhouse gases. Specifically, von Goedeke plans to use the capabilities of architectural 3D printing, where mineral powder can be printed in solid form through a binder. The artist also plans to develop an olivine coating that can be applied to surfaces and thus transform existing objects - with a particular focus in transforming historic industrial architecture into new purposes. Von Goedeke will also use this opportunity to collaborate with scientific partners, manufacturers and suppliers, fund a research trip to Åheim, Norway to the largest natural deposit of the mineral olivine in Europe and finance material tests and prototypes.
About Lena von Goedeke
Lena von Goedeke lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Studium der Freien Kunst an der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Prof. Lucy McKenzie. Recent exhibitions include: Antipoden. Galerie m; Kryal. Otto Modersohn Museum Tecklenburg; Terra Incognita. Lantz'scher Skulpturenpark (2022); Soil‘s Song. Kallmann-Museum Ismaning (Solo); Grenzfälle des Raumes. Galerie m Bochum; At a moment in time. Kunstverein Arnsberg (2021); Glas & Beton. Manifestationen des Unmöglichen. Marta Herford; Static. Galerie Britta Rettberg, München (Solo) Stasis. Galerie m Bochum (Solo) (2020).