FLUXDOME, umschichten, 2019

FLUXDOME is a bespoke large-scale geodesic sculptural dome fitted with Kunststrom technology to host the institutions outdoor events and associated public programme. FLUXDOME draws on the Fluxus movement and Buckminster Fuller’s seminal ideas of co-production, autonomy and de-alienating industry made popular through his ‘spaceship earth’ and geodesic dome designs. Co-produced on site FLUXDOME showcases how it is possible to build low-tech stable structures for alternative living and energy production, and provokes questions concerning autonomy and decentralised power. FLUXDOME is an adapted beveled frame geo-dome design by Paul Robinson.


FLUXDOME, umschichten, 2019. Image courtesy of the artists and Stefan Korte.


umschichten are an art collective and studio, based in Stuttgart and formed by Lukasz Lendzinski and Peter Weigand. The studio’s work often manifests as temporary structures or built interventions using unconventional processes and materials. This approach is employed as a vehicle for immediate creative action and as a way to intuitively visualise social theory rooted in urban needs specific to local communities.



FLUXDOME in progress, umschichten, 2019. Image courtesy of the artists and Clemence Vessaire.