Cecilia Bengolea with Craig Black Eagle

Lightning Dance, 2018. Film screening, 6 Min

Turbine Hall


Filmed during floods in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Lightning Dance investigates the influence of the indeterminate electric weather on bodily imagination. The black & white video promotes dancehall choreographers culture; Craig Black Eagle, Oshane Overload, Nick Overload and Teroy Overload who, in the company of the artist, perform solo and group dance routines next to a roadside shack, while heavy rain falls and a billowing, turbulent thunderstorm roars, soaking their clothes. Their movements refer to popular Jamaican Dancehall, a highly sexualized dance style, which Bengolea sees as infused with magical healing powers.

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Cecilia Bengolea, Lightning Dance, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist


Screening of Cecilia Bengolea, Lightning Dance in the Turbine Hall