CAMPUS TOUR: common groundbreaking
Friday 2 September 2022, 16:00
Saturday 3 September 2022, 12:00
Sunday 4 September, 15:00
E-WERK Luckenwalde
What does the fallow taste like? What song will the robin be singing in twenty years? When will the train stop at E-WERK? Do you know Luckenwalde's Roman baths? When was the last time I picked an apple?
Researchers, curious people, seekers and idea generators will meet for the CAMPUS TOUR to go on an expedition. Together with kollektiv:proton and equipped with drawing paper, a pickaxe and a feather boa, they will set out from E-WERK to the immediate surroundings, the future E-CAMPUS.
In Laden mit Herz (the second hand store with heart) "Looking for Shelter" is created; at the High Rise, a feminist manifesto is proclaimed; and in the base camp everyone designs the programme brochure booklet of the future. Everyone is involved, everyone is addressed to shape the future together.
With the first laying of the foundation stone, together with the audience, we give the first decisive impulses for the E-CAMPUS that is being created here.
Starting point at E-WERK Luckenwalde
Duration approx. 90 min
Admission is free of charge
The number of spectators is limited, please register here

About kollektiv:proton

kollektiv:proton was founded by director Robert Neumann and stage designer Jan Schroeder. Both are united by the search for new forms of theatrical presentation and alternative working contexts. To do this, they go to places outside of the typical theatre environment and develop spaces to experience history and it's meaning. They work from local contexts by linking people, their memories and living spaces.

Through research, interviews and archives, they unearth unusual material. In their works, which are situated between theatre, dance and installation, they try to find the special in the everyday. In doing so, kollektiv:proton involves artists from different disciplines. Together they reflect on what artistic production means to them: How can cooperation function in a meaningful and hierarchy-free way? How can we deal with material and energy in a sustainable way?

In their work, they shed light on how new connections between city and country can look in artistic production and develop concepts to this end.

Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste #take part and Landes Brandenburg (MWFK, MWAE)
E-WERK Luckenwalde
Tanztangente Berlin
LYRA Choral Society Luckenwalde