Dezember 2020

Wallpaper - Before and after: a history of the world’s most extraordinary art spaces

enorm magazine - Ländliche Transformation: Neues Leben in alten Dörfern

November 2020

The Art Newspaper - Popular apocalyptic beach performance from 2019's Venice Biennale will pop up in Berlin Bauhaus swimming pool

Surface - An apocalyptic beach performance from the 2019 Venice Biennale pops up outside Berlin

Surface - An Apocalyptic Beach Opera at an Abandoned Bauhaus Swimming Pool

Artnet News - Lithuania’s Award-Winning Venice Biennale Pavilion Is Coming to an Abandoned Swimming Pool Just Outside Berlin

September 2020

Wallpaper - E-WERK's conversation series confronts art world hierarchy

August 2020

rbb24 - "Wir produzieren hier Strom aus Kunstwerken”

Artnet News - Editors’ Picks: 11 Events for Your Art Calendar This Week, From an Affordable Art Benefit to a Talk With Paul Chan

Juli 2020

FAD Magazine - E-WERK Luckenwalde announces utopian sculptural programme

Juni 2020

The World of Interiors - Eco-art: Charlotte Edwards unearths artistic responses to climate change

November 2019

Flash Art - Kunststrom für Alle: POWER NIGHT at E-WERK Luckenwalde

Oktober 2019

Der Freitag - Ein neuer Hut

Studio International - Power Night: the Launch of E-Werk Luckenwalde

September 2019

The New York Times - An Electric Temple of Culture Fires Up

The Financial Times - E-Werk Luckenwalde: a fusion of art and electricity

Frieze - How Do We Make Art Sustainable? A Power Station in Germany Lights the Way

Wallpaper - Electric Dreams

Exberliner - Art in a brewery? And more new indie art institutions

Design Anthology UK - Powerful Performance

Märkische Allgemeine - Es fließt wieder Strom im alten E-Werk

Frieze - The Shows You Need to See During Berlin Art Week

Kunstforum - "Kunststrom" im E-Werk Luckenwalde

Art Review - When in Berlin

Schwarzwaelder Bote - Balinger setzt Luckenwalde unter Kunststrom

Sleek - Documenting the former East German town of Luckenwalde before the power is switched back on

The Face - The Power (Station) of Art

Wired - An old coal power station is being turned into a clean energy provider

The Financial Times - Can the arts help save the planet?

August 2019

The Art Newspaper - Danger! High voltage: former German power station sparks back to life as green arts centre

Juli 2019

Artnet News - In Germany, a Former Coal Plant Reinvents Itself as a Cultural Center Fueled by Experimental Art and Green Energy

Märkische Allgemeine - Offene Türen im E-Werk

Märkische Allgemeine - Sieben-Meter-Kuppel entsteht auf dem Gelände des alten E-Werks

Juni 2019

Märkische Allgemeine - Neue E-Werk-Besitzer geben Einblick

Berlin Art Link - E-Werk Luckenwalde Promotes Sustainable Energy Through Art

Contemporary And - Block Universe Performance Art Festival

Mai 2019

The Spaces - A defunct power plant is being transformed into an art gallery near Berlin

The Guardian - 'Art electricity' revives old German power station

FAD Magazine - Louise O’Kelly and Katharina Worf tell us about Block Universe 2019 London, Berlin and Venice

März 2019

Elephant - Performance art festival and commissioning body Block Universe has announced its expansions outside of London and into Berlin for the first time

Februar 2019

FAD Magazine - Block Universe: 2019 London programme + expansion to Berlin for 5th anniversary

The Art Newspaper - Block Universe performance festival expands to Berlin power station

Oktober 2018

Märkische Allgemeine - Neuer Eigentümer für altes Elektrizitätswerk