EW Turbine Hall, 2019

E-WERK Luckenwalde Contemporary Art

E-WERK Luckenwalde will provide an inspiring source of energy, creativity and critical debate. The contemporary art programme has been curated to canvas a diverse range of exhibition-making; from new architectural commissions to historical presentations, performative events and interdisciplinary long-term research projects. The programme responds to the building’s history, future and exhibition spaces, which range from white neutral gallery spaces, to a 350m2 Turbine Hall and functional engine room.

E-WERK Luckenwalde will be an active, cultural institution open to all. Working alongside the inhabitants of Luckenwalde, from the veteran power station workers, to the city’s politicians, E-WERK will cultivate a sense of shared space, and thus shared opportunity, with the aim of creating a cultural revival in Brandenburg.

The institution will be inclusive and respond to wide-ranging audiences through an educational and community engagement programme. This will be hosted on the ground floor amidst the contemporary art centre, whose galleries will remain flexible spaces to emphasise the potential of space and opportunity inherent to the mission of E-WERK Luckenwalde.

The ambitious curatorial programme will reach out to to the inhabitants of Luckenwalde, Berlin and internationally by staging exhibitions with accessible entry points and acknowledging the socio-political context of Luckenwalde’s history.

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