Grey Energy 2020

Spring      Summer      Autumn

E-WERK Luckenwalde’s 2020 programme will examine grey energy – the hidden energy associated with production. Grey Energy will reach beyond the unsustainable limits of a finite exhibition to pilot a more sustainable process of exhibition making through durational and layered exhibitions, commissions, live performances and experimental projects. Each season will build on the previous, to explore this theme from angles such as history, production, mobility and food, thereby directly using the grey energy of each previous programme to create a rich and layered tapestry of research.

Alongside this, Performance Electrics, Pablo Wendel, Co-Artistic Director of E-WERK – will present a series of experimental Kunststrom projects focused on the grey energy of mobility after monumentally turning the power back on at E-WERK Luckenwalde in 2019. These Kraftwerk projects will take place in tandem with the Kunstzentrum exhibition programme.

E-WERK Luckenwalde. Image courtesy of Tim Haber.