The Artist as Consultant

16.07.20 - 08.10.20


A global pandemic, wide-spread racial injustices at boiling point and unfair cultural systems that need urgently addressing - how can the arts contribute to rebuilding this world, pulling us out of the times we are living through and give hope for a better world where all is not lost?

From July 2020, E-WERK Luckenwalde will present The Artist as Consultant: a digital conversation platform which aims to contribute to restructuring a top-down art world system which places artists below curators, directors and other ‘stakeholders’. Rather, this programme invites artists to personally consult and hold cultural practitioners accountable for deep-rooted hierarchies in our industry.

Each episode will invite a contemporary artist to consult on themes which are pertinent to 2020, but also key tenets of E-WERK’s mission and vision, such as autonomy, sustainability and ethical responsibility in arts making, the climate emergency and a fairer, more democratic art market.

Artists will lead all conversations and drive the talking points of each episode, joined by another cultural practitioner, policy maker, thinker or writer. Each episode will be an attempt to re-centre artists and their ideas of how the cultural industry should be run.


From 2 July at 7pm CET (6pm BST), episodes will be released fortnightly via the E-WERK website and Instagram (@ewerk_luckenwalde). See below for a full list of timings and guest pairings.


Thursday 16 July

Isabel Lewis and Lucia Pietroiusti, Curator of General Ecology, Serpentine Galleries on Sensory Studies for Social Innovation.


Thursday 30 July

Harold Offeh and Michelle Williams Gamaker on The Future of Art Education.


Thursday 13 August

Simryn Gill and Yates Norton, Curator, Rupert on Materials and Curiosity.


Thursday 27 August

Paul Maheke and journalist/academic Benoit L’oiseau on Coexistence in the Age of Collapsing Ecosystems.


Thursday 10 September

Peles Empire and KW Curator Anna Gritz on Parenthood in the Arts.


Thursday 24 September

Kira Freije and Stella Bottai, Curator on Terms and Conditions.