Edible Alchemy

Hot Sauce Workshop

Saturday 22 May 2021, 11am-2pm


35€ | Tickets


Did you know that original recipes for most of our common day sauces were fermented in order to get the complex tastes and spices from raw vegetables? (e.g. Tomato Sauce, Mustard, Tabasco.) Fermented hot sauce is great to have around for some extra zip – add some spice to your life – and get some probiotics goodness in our guts.

In this workshop, you'll be looking at the histories of some of our most beloved and respected condiments, eating them as well as making your own hot sauce ferments to take home and enjoy.

Prepare your tastebuds, this one will get hot!

There will be probiotic foods and drinks to open up our palates as well a DIY hot-sauce station to take home your own creation. Please bring a 300-500ml jar.

Allergen information: For more information regarding our ingredients, please contact us at events@kunststrom.com before booking your course.

This workshop is suitable for beginners.


About Edible Alchemy and Alexis Goertz

Have you ever made your own brew? Or kimchi, sauerkraut and miso? Alexis from Edible Alchemy CoLaboratory knows how to turn food into gold: the secret is fermentation!

In the time of disinfectants, antibiotics and canned food, we forgot about these perfectly probiotic cultures, the valuable vitamins and nutrients they hold and of course, their amazing taste!


Image courtesy of Alexis Goertz and Edible Alchemy.

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