Playing with the impossible

We will work towards closing the circuit by keeping the building’s 19th century infrastructure alive. Working with the building’s grey energy we will continue to take direct action by powering our activities with renewable Kunststrom. By making Kunststrom commercially available through the national grid, we will continue to subversively explore how it is possible for the creative industry to lead innovative ecological and economic change for the cultural sector. As a large-scale experiment we will constantly push at the boundaries of what is possible, welcoming failure, in order to find new utopian paths and realign culture with political change.

Progressive deceleration

We will pursue sustainability in all facets of working and living, from what we eat to where we travel and how we consume in an effort to transform climate change into a cultural movement. Beginning with a process of deceleration, we will encourage sustainable travel methods and further work towards eliminating waste and closing the circuit. These goals will manifest curatorially with longer consignment agreements, inter-seasonal collaborations between exhibitions and legacy projects, rather than quick successive programming.

Collaboration not competition

In the spirit of collaboration not competition, we will broaden and strengthen our cross-border alliances to develop long term partnerships. At home, we will continue to nurture our relationship with local communities, to access their knowledge and share ours, forming transdisciplinary knowledge banks. Whilst remaining ambitious and international in our outlook, we will always choose local and ecological suppliers first. Through creative innovation we will work towards making ecological transformation fun.

*As a working model, this Ecology Statement will be adapted and improved as new insights and influences in ecological change develop.